How can I Convince a Student Loan Company to Give Me Student Loan Forgiveness in the UK?

After completing their undergraduate studies in public or private universities in the UK, most students look forward to the future with optimism and the hope of securing a job. It is imperative for all students who received loans to start repaying them once the grace period is over or when they start working. However, not all students are lucky to find a job after graduating some may find themselves knocking at the door of their lenders asking for student loan forgiveness.

Unfortunately, some students may find themselves in insurmountable debts just a few years after leaving the college. Although some may find respite through local arrangements to refinance their loans, some may not be lucky. Those who are not lucky enough to secure employment and start repaying their loans may find that the student loans coupled with other debts may become a burden.

In such cases, those who have no option may opt to ask for student loan forgiveness, but those with a fighting spirit will either opt for bankruptcy or the more bearable and less shameful debt consolidation option. In all cases, you may feel dejected and very upset about your changing fortunes, but what cannot be reversed should be faced head on, and the sooner the better.

Sometimes, the government may cancel part or the whole of the student loan which was supposed to be repaid upon maturation especially after some students have defaulted. For you to be considered under this, you must be willing to undertake specific duties and responsibilities as stipulated by the government. However, this reprieve is offered to individuals in specific professions.

Some of the things that you should do so that you can qualify for student loan forgiveness is to volunteer to work for charity in your local area or as you will be directed. Secondly, you may also qualify for student loan repayment by enlisting for military service for a couple of years. Alternatively, you can also teach or offer charitable medical services in your community for a given period of time.

Furthermore, you can also opt to undertake or switch from your profession to take up educational programs that will help you secure employment in a sector that will give you an opportunity to serve well. This kind of arrangement is currently available for all who have difficulties repaying the student loans. Through the family education loan programme, you can get student loan forgiveness and still secure employment so long as you fulfill your commitment to pursue a certain cause in your career.

You should check whether you are eligible for the program if you have received federal teacher loan or child care loan from the lender. Generally, this program targets certain individuals who have disabilities, teachers working in elementary schools, individuals doing charity work, and also medical practitioners such as nurses, and doctors. This reprieve also extends to law enforcers or those employed in correction facilities in the UK.